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Vegueta is an independent publishing company, with offices in Barcelona and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, dedicated to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for adults, as well as childrens literature.

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We borrowed our name from the founding settlement of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Established in 1478, the trade winds and sea currents madeVeguetaa stop on Cristopher Columbuss first voyage of discovery, to later become a routine port of call between the Old and New Worlds, between two or many more cultural paradigms which were beginning to intertwine.

The nameVeguetasymbolizes the cultural oasis blooming at this crossroad. With a foot in Africa, its heart in Latin-America, and its head in Europe, Las Palmas de Gran Canarias colonial district has been both a point of arrival and of departure and it displays an unusual diversity due to the influence of three continents, the exchange of knowledge, tolerance, and the cultural wealth of cities that look towards the horizon.

Its streets saw the birth of Benito Prez Galds and Alfredo Kraus. They were also a refuge for artists such as Agatha Christie or Sant-Saens. The constant passage from Europe to America fostered the celebration of important music festivals with leading instrumentalists and opera singers, and its cultural heartbeat has continued to pound ever since.

In Vegueta we want to delve into the values of the neighborhood from which we took our name,promoting learning,tolerance, anddiversity; adding our small drop to the ocean of literature and knowledge.

The name of our publishing house also alludes to the purpose of the old colonial enclave as a link, an intermediary, and the attempt to evoke it every day while tackling our fundamental aim: to facilitate, under the best possible conditions,contact between the authors about whom we are passionate and as many readers as possible.


To not publish in a rush, concentrating our energy only on works that enthrall us and which we can work on conscientiously.

To give shape to a coherent catalogue, a timeless collection that preserves its value and its interest beyond vogues and trends.

To publish works and authors who move and enlighten us, those who have a lot to say and who can impact our ways of thinking and worldviews.

To contribute new ideas and create publications that enrich culture and knowledge.

To improve reading experiences, paying special attention to the illustrations that accompany the texts, and the green, environmentally-friendly paper they rest on, in order to promote the sense of touch and the artistic judgment of our readership.

To support young authors, illustrators, and designers who present new languages and forms of expression and are able to bring different generations together.

To pay attention to every last detail in our publications to offer readers of every age an exceptional reading experience.


With theVegueta Unicornio collection, we wish to make our own special contribution to the most exciting and universal project there is, children and young peoples education. Like magic, education has the potential to shed light onto the shadows and help make reason, ethics, and solidarity prevail, cultivating prosperity.

Our publications wish to support the work of creative individuals, educators, and teachers, without whose efforts and generosity the miracle of knowledge transfer would be impossible.

Without the admirable dedication of these professionals, and without the innate curiosity of our most important accomplices all the children who have at some point caught this miraculous reading bug, very little of what we do would matter.

Vegueta Unicornio, our childrens books collection is divided into three series: Genios de la Ciencia, Nuestros Ilustres and Un Mundo Mejor.

Genios de la Ciencia

Our biographical series of scientists and inventors aims to bring children closer to those great figures who with their study, discipline, and knowledge have contributed to the development and the quality of life of our society.

The choice of characters for each of the series titles is itself the best opportunity to define the elements setting it apart from the rest of biographical collections and, along with the quality of the texts and the illustrations, gives this set of titles its distinctive character.

In line with the current milieu and with ongoing educational trends, this selection poses the importance of dealing with pedagogical themes that traverse each of the different characters scope of activity. This core distinguishing mark guarantees its relevance and merit, both for family readings at home and at school, supporting their educational program.

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Despite the inevitable historical asynchrony between the activities of each character, the selection guarantees the presence of female figures, following our society and the current set of values readers are being educated in. It is not about a simple matter of statistics, it is about shedding light on, for children to see, the often-belittled role of women in the history of science and universal progress of civilization; more in agreement with the relevance they have today.

Although the collection is structured around individual figures and their discoveries, the texts transmit the idea that great advances are always the result of shared knowledge and pooling efforts, and that progress is a collective process.

A clear commitment of the project is to always contextualize the characters in their socio-cultural milieu. When preparing any of the titles, a wealth of documentary and graphic material is gathered to help the authors and illustrators characterize and set the person in their corresponding era and environment, making the reading of each title a complete immersion into a specific place and time in history.

Nuestros Ilustres

Our series of biographies of prominent illustrious figures in the fields of science, culture, and history, is a project partly promoted by the Fundacin Acuorum Iberoamericana Canaria de Aguain collaboration withCanaragua, Aguas de Telde, and Teidagua.

These biographies are intended as a cultural and educational underpinning, as well as anextracurricular basisfor different subjects, and they coincide with one of the core tasks posed by the Fundacin Acuorum at its birth: the promotion of knowledge, research, innovation, talent, and dissemination. Each title introduces a historical figure whose life and work have contributed significantly to our societys development and quality of life.

Un Mundo Mejor

Our series of inspiring stories so that children may learn to change and improve the world, aims to bring children to a whole series of everyday contemporary heroes, often almost anonymous one. They are all main characters who had a great idea which contributed in improving the world -relationships between people, material conditions in peoples lives- and have also shown to have the talent and ability to put those ideas into practice in a productive way.

A large part of this series of titles has been conceived in collaboration with the Ashoka Foundation, one of the main non-profit international associations, which has been supporting social entrepreneurship for nearly forty years and discovering its main protagonists, the so-called changemakers change.

Many of the stories of Un Mundo Mejor, in fact, are the inspiring stories from among those 3,400 changemakers, who are already launching innovative solutions to human problems in more than 80 countries, and positively impacting the lives of millions of human beings.

The selection of the characters for each title is, in itself, the best opportunity to define the characteristics of the series. Among the thousands of individuals linked to Ashoka, we have preferably selected those people who, with their projects, have been able to address a situation that they lived in their own flesh or very closely from an early age, in order to trace, as far as possible, a narrative journey with a greater scope.

The selection of stories also follows a gender equality rule, includes characters from different parts of the world and includes examples related to the greatest possible number of activity areas.


With the Vegueta Ecolibri collection, we aim to bring together unique works, both unpublished and rescued from an unfair obscurity, which share a common and fundamental denominator. They allcollect the vision of great poets and writers on nature, the environment, and ecology.

When coming up with this series of titles, we are aware of the fact that the planet is livinga continually intensifying state of emergency, and are moved by the conviction that there is abundant work by great cultural figures which has the immense power to raise the readers awareness, enlighten them, and make them more sensitive towards the risks which threaten our natural environment.

This editorial project is as convinced of the relevance of its cause as it is of its ownartistic value, as the collection will always publish carefully-crafted editions, in large format, and often illustrated by important visual artists.

This is the case for one of our first publications,El cielo se est cayendo a pedazos[The sky is crumbling down], the first anthology of ecopoems from the Chilean poet, and winner of the Cervantes Prize,Nicanor Parra.


At Vegueta we want Elibri, our main fiction and non-fiction collection, to offer a versatile space where very different perspectives and themes may be included, as long as we are enthused by them and consider them relevant.

When we add each new title to the collection, we do so mainly because it constitutes an adventure in which to embark, or a path that is worth betting on. After all, for those of us who form Vegueta, Elibri is - perhaps above all else - a great excuse to promote and work with what we like most in life: good literature.

From the beginning we wanted to fill Elibri with stories, reflections and ideas from contemporary authors on topics that affect our society. We have an interest in great contemporary German-language writers. This being said, we will not restrain or limit ourselves. What inspires and moves Elibri are the books that stimulate and impress us, those that awaken an unstoppable eagerness to share them, those that inspire us and offer us a different vision, one which encourages our thinking, those which enrich us.

When a book raises this type of feelings in us, we immediately know that it fits with Elibri. We then have a single concern: to make it available to as many readers as possible, in the best of conditions - linguisticly, aestheticly, regarding readability, etc - we can ensure as publishers. Our main goal is to provide a unique experience of enjoyment and personal growth, that which accompanies the reading of an exceptional book.